One Year Old Little Boy

This little guy just turned one and was such a doll. He was non stop the whole time. So much fun :)..As always I cant decide what to post so here are few, okay 10 of my favorites ;)...Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

With the holidays behind us its time to think of the year to come. Im very excited to get some new business goals going. New products to be offered and a new pricing to come. Hope everyone had a good christmas and New years! We had a few snow days here in England just before christmas. So here are a few of those pictures along with a few christmas one to share. Have a great day! :)

-R- Family

These boys were so cute and well behaved. -R- , the oldest son ive photographed before and this was the best yet for him. He has such a great smile! So glad i captured it this time :) Enjoy!

Gorgeous Family!

What a great family to photograph. Beautiful baby H was a dream and only fussed at the very end. The boys were fun! There are so many great pictures that I had a hard time only picking a couple to post, so I picked 10 :). Enjoy!

Great Family! Sneak Peak!

These boys were so cute and just smiled the whole session. I love that! They were fun to photograph. I'm so honoured to be this families last photo experience in England. I wish them all the best!Enjoy!

O'connell Family

These guys were great! It wasnt the best day...Overcast sky, very cold, and wet. But dispite all that I feel we got the shots we came there to get. I really wish Cambridge had the gorgeous leaves on all the tree's they had a few weeks back. Here are a few from the session..